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 The Tomvale Aviation Calculator

The Tomvale Aviation Calculator does standard math calculations, as well as calculates crosswind components, initial headings, wind and groundspeed problems, and aviation conversions. Includes a database with all aerodromes and heliports in Canada,with a utility to determine heading and distance between them. It's a pilot aid which can be used in the cockpit, in a ground school, in flight simulators, or for aviation enthusiast.

It is part of the larger comprehensive Tomvale Ground School Software Suite.. 



Use the keypad as you would any other calculator.

Airport or Heliport Search

Click on "Look Up Airport ID". A Dialogue box will open up on the right.

Type in any part of the airport name or designator and click on the '=' sign.

If you have more than one match, you will be given choices to accept or dismiss.

Cross Country Navigation

Click on "Xcntry Dist and Track". Two dialogue boxes will open up on the right.

Enter a 3 or 4 digit Airport Identifier into both boxes, and click the '=' sign.

The Distance, Initial True Course, and the Magnetic Course at the beginning and end of the route will be displayed in the top window.

Heading, Airspeed and Wind Calculations

Click on the appropriate tile

Enter your variables in each of the boxes. Units are not necessary, but must be the same. If you enter in Statute Miles for example, your result will be in Statute Miles.

Click on the '=' sign and your result will be displayed in the top window.


For Microsoft Windows based systems only.

(c) Claudio Valentini 1991
All rights reserved  - Not for Commercial or Organizational Use

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