The  Tomvale Pilot Logbook is a logbook which conforms to Canadian requirements, (please ignore the pretend entries).
It includes an aerodrome database which will look up the correct designator, shortcuts to add times to various columns, a search function, (e.g. how many times you flew with Chuck, insurance totals),
 provision for comments, and complete statistics on your flights, (e.g. longest flight time, tailwheel time etc).

Below is the main main page of the logbook. The typical totals and stats are at bottom of the page.
Tomvale Aviation Pilot Ground School Software Pilot Logbook

Below is the statistics page which displays useful information about your flying history.
Tomvale Pilot Logbook Statistics Page

Below we can see a search you might have done on 'stalls'.

Tomvale Pilot Logbook - Search Function

The instructions included in the logbook are  as follows :

1. Installation

The software is installed automatically with Tomvale Ground School Software.
A separate Desktop Icon and Programs Entry is created at that time.
It will not run without first installing Tomvale Ground School Software.

2. Personalizing the Logbook

When you first run it, you will be asked for your name and licence number.
These cannot be changed later. Double check before you save these.
You will also be asked for your licences and ratings. These will be displayed
along with your name and licence number at the top of every page. You
can change licences and ratings at any time.

3. Defaults

The Preferences and Print Settings defaults are:

Wide Screen Ratio

Screen Size of 1024x768

Print Ratio of .78% (Printers vary but this should print the logbook on
an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet in landscape mode.

Print Format - Black and White

You can change these using the drop down menus at the top.

When a page is printed, the entry boxes and buttons will disappear.

Maximum entries: 5000

4. Logging Flights

An entry is entered by typing into the field boxes underneath the current
page. Many incorrect entries will be caught and you will be informed of
what is incorrect.

If you are using this on a tablet, click on the title label, (Pilot Logbook
for...), to activate the on-screen keyboard. Top menus cannot be activated by
using the on-screen keyboard.

Times must be entered in tenths of an hour. i.e. 3.2. The maximum flight
time allowable is 9.9 hours.

Click on 'Copy Last Entry' to duplicate your most recent entry in the field
boxes. You can then adapt each of the fields to reflect your current flight.

Double click on the date to clear an entire entry.

Double click on the origin or destination airports to swap them.

Right click on the origin or destination airports after entering a partial
name to display a list of airports and heliports. You can then use the
correct designator for those airports.

Type 'Comment' into the 'Aircraft Type' field to enter a comment without times.

Today's date will be automatically entered for you in the first field.
You can modify this if you wish. In order to insure accurate recency
totals, you must enter the date as 'MM/dd/yy'. Your computer's 'short date'
format must also be 'MM/dd/yy'. This should be changed for you temporarily,
but if not, you can change this manually by going to Control Panel > Clock,
Language and Region > Region > Change Date and Time formats.

Allowable dates are 1950-2049.

You may enter flights in any order. On the next restart of the program, they
will be sorted for you by date.

5. Aircraft Type Totals

The software will keep track of 'Time on Type' as well as various aircraft
categories. It does this by asking you details about an aircraft, the first
time you enter it. It is important to enter that aircraft the same way the
next time, otherwise it will be counted as another, different aircraft.

The software will keep track of 200 aircraft, but only the 28 with the
top total times will be displayed. (37 will be displayed on the statistics

The aircraft type total boxes will only appear at the bottom of the page when
they have data to display.

6. Back ups

Clicking on 'Back Up' will display a dialogue box of folders on your system.
You can back up to multiple locations as often as you wish. You should back up
regularly to avoid loss of data. To restore a backup, copy the whole folder
from your backup location and paste it to the application folder.

(Usually c:\ProgramData\TomvaleLogBook'.)

7. Editing Entries

Although not recommended, It is possible to edit logbook entries by right
clicking on the field, then retyping the whole field. It is very important
to first back up the logbook in case of a drive error.

Enter a '0' into a field to delete that field's data.

Type 'Comment' into the 'Aircraft Type' field, to delete an entire entry,
or use that line for your next log entry. It will be sorted to the end on
the next restart.

You may also manually edit the logbook. Using Windows Notepad, open
'TomvaleLogBook.tst'. The format of each entry is ordered just as it
appears on the screen, divided by a vertical line. Edit the applicable
entries, then click 'Save'. If you make a mistake, copy your back up folder,
paste into the folder and start again.

8. Searching

The software will allow you to search the raw listings for any search string,
and return the number of times it was found as well as the total hours
in those entries. This can be useful for example, to determine how many times
you flew with a particular passenger, or how many hours you flew in a given
month or year.

9. Declarations and Certifications

Electronic logbooks are perfectly legal as long as steps are made to prevent the
loss of data. i.e. backup. However, sometimes it is necessary to make declarations
in your logbook. If you are not printing every page, then we suggest you print the
page which requires the declaration, write your declaration at the bottom or back,
and keep it in a safe place.

10. Flight School Package Restrictions

The Tomvale Pilot Logbook is designed to be used only with single user
software packages. However, it has not been disabled in the Flight School
package for those who may want to explore its functionality. Some networks
may only allow one instance of the software to run.

Happy Flying!

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