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The Software...

Is a complete Music Theory, History, Ear Training program for beginner to professional.

Gives you thousands of practice questions organized into six banks, in order, randomly, beginning at a specific question, on a given topic, or in Exam Mode, and keeps track of all your progress.

Gives you references from the included Help Chapters after every question, and links to a variety of different resources. Allows  you to answer the questions in 'Exam Mode' and print out a certificate afterwards.

It Includes...

Six question banks with over 3500 questions organized into:

1.  Beginning Steps

2.  Terms and Definitions

3.  Music History

4.  Theory Knowledge

5.  Applied Theory

6.  Ear Training

Help Classroom, a music encyclopedia  which gives you information and audio-visual aids on hundreds of topics, with links to the Dictionary, and Music Wizard.

A Music Wizard which shows and plays you any interval, chord or scale,  in text, on the keyboard, and on the staff.

A Pop-Up Dictionary/Glossary with definitions, and audio-visual aids.

My Notes where you can take notes for yourself while you work and print them later.

Progress Chart which shows you at a glance your last 30 attempts on all the Question Banks.

Links to On-Line Help, Music Wizard,  Pop Up Calculator and the Pop-Up Dictionary, both inside and outside the question environment.

A User Preference Utility to change program colour, sound, and fonts, as well as introduce subliminal messaging.

In Addition...

Classroom Version can be used by up to 300 students, and includes teacher monitoring utilities .

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