The Tomvale Ground School Software Suite is the best way to study for your aviation exam, remain current, or learn about aviation. It's a Windows based software suite which uses a comprehensive discovery approach for pilot training. It's available for all licenses and ratings, used by flight schools and colleges across Canada and thousands of pilots.

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What Tomvale Software is not:

• An app which you download to your smartphone, (an unsuitable device for the purpose).
• An online course which you keep paying for.
• A course where the material is the same for all students. You can begin at your knowledge level, work at your own pace, and get information individual to you.
• A cheat sheet used to memorize questions. The software provides real understanding of the topics, and not only will it prepare you for the exams, it will give you better retention, and make you a better pilot.
• A company which disappears after a short time. We have been in business since 1988, in the same location with the same contact info.

The Software Includes:

Thousands of Questions to prepare you for the exams, with a Question Order Menu. Banks are ordered as in the Transport Canada Exams. All beginning licences include the PSTAR and a 'Novice' Bank, and Commercial Licences include a 'Challenge' Bank.  It also lets you email or text a set of random questions to your device.

A Progress Chart which keeps track of your last 30 scores on all the question banks.
A Dictionary/Glossary with definitions,  photographs and videos.

Full feature Aviation Calculator
with all aerodromes and heliports in Canada and the U.S.A.

Weather Report Decoder which decodes TAFs and METARs and gives you notes on the format and weather codes.

Complete Aviation Textbooks and Manuals. (Click for list.)

Help Classroom, an Aviation Encyclopedia 
with articles and visual aids on hundreds of topics.

Ordered Help Widget
which shows you only the Help Chapters you need to read.

The entire applicable CARs
text,  Aeronautics Act, the Radiotelephone Handbook, and a Search Widget which finds any word string in these documents.

Page Reference Widget which keeps track of, and lists the page references and Help Chapters for the questions you answered incorrectly.

The Transport Canada Study and Reference Guide for each license.

The Tomvale Pilot Logbook, a what-you see-is-what-you-get Logbook.

My Notes where you can take notes for yourself while you work and print them later.

The Flight School Package includes a Licence Menu and a Student Progress Utility which keeps track of 300 students per licence.

A Preferences Menu which allows you to customize the package to your needs.

We guarantee satisfaction!

Requires PC with any MS Windows after Win 98. Not compatible with MAC or IOS. Once installed, a net connection is not necessary.

Individual license packages are for single users only. They may not be used in a Flight School.

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License Type (Choose U/L, Aeroplane or Helicopter when ordering) Price
Recreational or Private $99.00
Instrument Rating, or Commercial  $129.00
Instructor Rating $159.00
Combo Package (Includes Private, Commercial and IFR) $259.00
Flight School Package (Non-Networked -  Click below for Networked Package) $499.00

Download Instructions:

After your purchase, we'll email you a download link to install the software.

The first time you run the software you'll request an Activation code, which will be emailed to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

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    We produce an update 3 times a year. After your initial purchase, updates are 40% of the original software price, or free if you have purchased within the past 30 days before update. If you have ever previously purchased our software, you can order an update for the same licence below.


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