The Tomvale Waterfront Community

The waterfront community consists of 15 properties situated on Farm Lake, (Google Maps), which is part of the Mississippi River System and the Land O'Lakes Region.
 It is bordered on the east by crown land and the Ardoch Falls/Dam. We now have four families who are year round residents.
Most of the other properties have been built on, and are used as cottages. Hydro services most of the properties, with two using stand alone solar. We have four pilots who are owners, one of whom is an AME.

Although all but one of the waterfront properties were sold many years ago, we are considering developing some back lots, if there is a demand.

Below are some images of the airport, lake and the community.

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Tomvale Airport Waterfront Community Survey

Tomvale Airport and Watefront Community Aerial

Tomvale Airport Waterfront Community Aerial 2

Tomvale Airport Farm Lake Dam Ardoch Falls

Tomvale Airport Farm Lake Cottages

Tomvale Airport Farm Lake Canoeists

Tomvale Airport Farm Lake in Fall

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